Sunday, November 3, 2019

Report Snapshots in SSRS

·         A report snapshot provides the ability to run a report at a scheduled time or on demand and save the report in the ReportServer database.
·         You can schedule report snapshots to be run during off-peak hours; this can reduce the load on your database servers
·         When select a report snapshot for viewing, the report server retrieves the stored report from the report server database and shows the data and layout that were current for the report at the time the snapshot was created.
·         Any data source used in the report must store the credentials for connecting to the database
·         Make sure SQL Server Agent is running.

Steps for creating snapshot history report

Step 1 :

Make sure storing the data source credential.

Step 2 :

Step to create Manual snapshot.

Report Name -> Manage -> History Snapshot -> New History Snapshot

It will create new snapshot of the report.
Step 3 :

Step to create using Schedule and setting.

Report Name -> Manage -> History Snapshot -> Schedule and setting

Select both the check box

·         Create History snapshot on a schedule
·         Allow people to create snapshot manually
In Advanced section
          Retain in all history snapshots.

Edit schedule under report specific schedule

Provide the schedule details and click Apply

Click Apply to save your changes

You can see SQL Agent job is created under ob Activity Monitor.

Now you can see reports are created under History Snapshot folders and it ran on scheduled time.

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