Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Linked Reports in SSRS

·         Linked report is a report server item that provides an access to existing report, we can say it is customized short cut to existing report.
·         It derived from existing report and retains original report definition like report layout, data set and data source.
·         security, parameters, location, subscriptions, and schedules can be different from original report.


I have already created a report and deployed in report server.
Below is the steps to create linked report.

Right click on the report -> Manage -> Create Linked report
Enter Name, Description and Location (if required to change)
Under Advanced tab select appropriate option and then Apply.

You can mark the difference from the below image.

We want to make the change in linked report and wanted to display only red color data by changing in the parameter properties.

Right Click on Linked report -> Manage -> Parameter -> Select red -> Apply

Now run the report.

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