Sunday, September 29, 2019

Lookup function in SSRS

Below example will show how to use lookup function in SSRS.
I have created two dataset named DST_ProductDetail and DST_ProductName.


select ProductKey,UnitPrice,SalesAmount,TaxAmt from FactInternetSales


select ProductKey,EnglishProductName from DimProduct

We need to display product name with respective detail in the table. For that need to use lookup function. Here DST_ProductName will be used as reference dataset.

Design the table

Click on the expression of the Product Name column. Enter the below code

=Lookup(Fields!ProductKey.Value,Fields!ProductKey.Value,Fields!EnglishProductName.Value, "DST_ProductName")

Now Run the report. You can see all the Product Name will be appeared in the table.

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