Sunday, September 29, 2019

Document Map Label in SSRS

A document map provides a set of navigational links to report items in a rendered report. When you view a report that includes a document map, a separate side pane appears next to the report like PDFs. A user can click on links in the document map to jump to the report page that displays that item.

The output of report will look like below.

Steps to create document map in a report

Create a report with below dataset.

SELECT Prod.EnglishProductName AS ProductName,Fact.SalesOrderNumber, Fact.SalesAmount,
              Fact.TotalProductCost TotalProductCost,Fact.TaxAmt,Sales.SalesTerritoryCountry
       FROM FactInternetSales AS Fact
              INNER JOIN DimProduct AS Prod ON Prod.ProductKey = Fact.ProductKey
              INNER JOIN DimSalesTerritory AS Sales on fact.SalesTerritoryKey=Sales.SalesTerritoryKey
              Where Prod.EnglishProductName in (@ProductName)

Report is grouped on Product name.
@ProductName is a multivalued parameter with below dataset.

Select distinct Prod.EnglishProductName
from DimProduct Prod
 INNER JOIN FactInternetSales AS Fact ON Prod.ProductKey = Fact.ProductKey

Insert a table. Click on the properties of the table.
Set property of Other->DocumentMapLabel

PrductName (Group) properties -> Advanced tab->
Select the document map column name to Productname.

Now run the report. Now you can see the navigation link appears left side of the report where it can be jumped to respective report page.

See the video for more details:

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